Beauty: Could DIY mean SOS?

Beauty: Could DIY mean SOS?

May 10
Beauty: Could DIY mean SOS?

When it comes to beauty, sometimes it’s tempting to go DIY crazy in an attempt to save money. This post aims to advise you about when you can have a go yourself, and when you’d save money in the long run by leaving it to the professionals.

When it comes to dying your hair, there’s nothing wrong with an at-home dye job. At-home hair dyes are great these days, with formulas that are easy to use, long lasting, and, most importantly, they can give lovely, muti-tonal results. Just make sure you carry out a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the ingredients.


A manicure can be a simple way to pamper yourself at home too. Just remove nail varnish, file, buff nails to a shine then paint with your favourite shades. If you are feeling fancy, you could try out some false nails and you’ll still spend much less than you would at a salon.


If it’s the feeling of being away from the stresses of everyday life that you love about your salon visits, just light a relaxing candle and switch off your phone, computer and TV for half an hour; you deserve it.


There are certain occasions when an at-home treatment may not be the way to go. If you are considering a skin peel, high street options may not give you the dramatic results you could get with a professional provider of non-surgical treatments, such as MYA whose page you can visit here. If you go for a peeling product from your local shop, you could end up paying out again if you are unhappy with the results.


The same caution should be practiced when considering a haircut. While you could save money by doing it yourself or asking a friend to, you may end up making an emergency trip to the nearest available hairdresser, potentially paying over-the-odds for them to fix your latest hair-don’t. Best leave this one to the professionals in the first place.

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