Big chest: big costs? Cheaper ways to deal with your bust

Big chest: big costs? Cheaper ways to deal with your bust

Jul 31
Big chest: big costs? Cheaper ways to deal with your bust

Having a large chest is not quite the blessing that some smaller-boobed women may thing it is. From back pain to wolf whistles, large bangers can indeed have you wishing they’d just disappear. Well, a large proportion of them anyway.

But this isn’t likely to happen on its own, and the most dramatic and possibly most effective solution to your sorrow may be to have a breast reduction, but this is my no means a money-saving option. Aside from the initial cost, you may incur some lost wages if your job doesn’t cover you to take a week or so off, and you will have to factor in travel expenses to get you home from the hospital after surgery. Also, a week stuck on the sofa may come at a price, both weight-wise and financially: DVD’s, magazines – you’ll need something to stop you losing it!

If you haven’t got approximately £5,000 lying around, what can you do to feel better about your bust?

Invest in clothes that flatter your chest. For many big-chested women, not being able to find clothes to fit correctly is the bane of their fashion lives. If you buy clothes that are specifically made to accommodate larger breasts but still fit beautifully on the rest of your body, you may stop feeling as though your curves are a problem. You could look at the Glamorosa collection at Fashionworld to find the right fit for your figure.

Alternatively, you could buy bigger clothes then take them to be tailored. However, although this will be cheaper than surgery, it’s a slightly more pricey option. Of course, getting handy on a sewing machine is another savvy option.

Exercise can make a real difference to the size of your boobs. Joining a gym may be an expense you can ill-afford, but how about lifting some weights (tins of beans), going on the stepper (taking the stairs) at home, and going for an actual run in the real world (deep breath, no one’s going to laugh). For tips on which exercises specifically target your chest, click here.






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