Body confidence with a happy bank balance

Body confidence with a happy bank balance

Apr 11
Body confidence with a happy bank balance

We all know that if you feel great about your body, it shows, making your clothes look better and making you appear more attractive to others. So, how do you go about building this body confidence without spending a fortune on a blowout shopping trip, hypnotherapy or plastic surgery?

A few simple tweaks could be all you need to see you feeling like a new, super-confident you:

Start with the basics: Good shapewear lifts you into position, making sure your clothes fit as they should, while making you appear thinner by exposing more of your waist, and younger (leave the sagging bust to the grannies!).

Show off your best features: Do you love your legs? Go on, wear a skirt! Your favourite feature may be less obvious; an elegant neck could be played up with dangly earrings, while slim wrists can be shown off with three-quarter sleeves.

Listen to the voices! Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. You may feel embarrassed at first but accepting yourself will make a huge difference to the way other people perceive you. If you believe you are attractive, you will become more attractive to others; it’s as simple as that.

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