Converse: an all-American brand

Converse: an all-American brand

Jan 13
Converse: an all-American brand

Want to effortlessly get the look of Americana in your outfit without breaking the bank? A simple trip to JD Sports will give you everything you desire at for a price that’s more than agreeable. For those of you who don’t know, however, there’s a cracking little backstory behind the brand.

Just after the turn of the century, Marquis Mill manufacturing firm opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts. In February 1908, the company made winterised rubber soled footwear for people of all ages, though by 1915, the company began making what can be described as the first really specialised athletic shoes for tennis.

However, 1917 was the year of the Converse All-Star basketball shoe. In 1921, a retired basketball player called Charles H “Chuck” Taylor – whose name now graces every pair of All-Stars – got a job and he worked tirelessly as a salesman, driving with a car full of the shoes from state to state. Working until his death in 1969, it was found that by that time, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars were being worn by 90 per cent of college and professional basketball players.

Their popularity hasn’t waned, either; athletes, punks, teenagers, rappers surfers and even Doctor Who have been wearing them. Get involved and get online – it’s never too late to join the Converse brotherhood!

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