Could a moob job enhance your career?

Could a moob job enhance your career?

Jan 09
Could a moob job enhance your career?

Moob jobs or gynaecomastia are the second most popular operation performed on men in the UK, with the number of procedures carried out rising by 28 per cent between 2009 and 2010. Reasons for having the operation can include discomfort and severe embarrassment, which can lead to depression.

One of the factors contributing to the rise in the number of operations performed by the likes of is undoubtedly the higher level of awareness concerning male breast reduction. Individuals and celebrities are now more willing to admit they have had, or would like to have a reduction carried out.

One star who has spoken out about his own moob job and his reasons for having it, is Craig Horwood. Best-known for his role on the panel of BBC1 show Strictly come dancing, Craig had a moob job earlier this year to reduce discomfort when dancing. He told the Mirror: him to have surgery to reduce his man boobs or ‘moobs’ earlier this year, he told the Mirror: “I couldn’t cha-cha-cha without them jigging in my face.” The operation reportedly took him from a C cup down to an A cup and left him feeling “fabulous”.  Would you be willing to undergo an operation to help you in your career?

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