Could a tablet save you money in your business?

Could a tablet save you money in your business?

Jul 11

Wasted time translates to lost money in most businesses, but when you’re self-employed, time spent travelling between locations to meet clients can result in a significant dent in your earnings. However, modern tablet devices are helping more and more individuals take their office mobile.

The iPad was launched by Apple back in 2010, suddenly making a device that no one had heard of before – the ‘tablet’ – a must-have accessory. Since then, manufacturers have been scrambling to get their tablets out. While Apple’s latest iPad 3 remains the tablet of choice, for users with other needs there are plenty of options out there.

Browse the tablet section of any web electronics retailer for proof; some manufacturers have taken the usability and interface found with the iPad but incorporated enough RAM to run systems favoured by business users, such as Microsoft Office.

The range of slate PCs that can be found on this site come with a variety of operating systems, many with wifi & mobile connectivity for regular, practical use.

Some tablet devices even straddle the line between tablet and laptop, such as the Asus Transformer Prime, which serves as both devices with a twist.

So while buying a tablet may seem like a luxury purchase, the device can quickly pay for itself if it allows you to mobilise your office and make the most of those valuable working hours.

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