Do you want Santa to bring you something sexy?

Do you want Santa to bring you something sexy?

Dec 03
Do you want Santa to bring you something sexy?

Lingerie is a gift often given by men to their other halves at Christmas time, but it can be a gift poorly given. There are several factors that can lead to a gift of lingerie not hitting the mark, the main two being when the lingerie is the wrong size or not to the lady’s taste. If you are hoping for a sexy gift from Santa and want to give your boyfriend or partner a helping hand in choosing something appropriate, there are a few things you can do.

1)    Start hinting about your sizes. Men often have no idea how women’s lingerie sizes work, so give him a helping hand by mentioning your size. If you need large size bras that are more difficult to find on the high street, mention a few places that stock lingerie you like in bigger sizes, such as Simply Yours.

2)    Have a discussion about your respective lingerie tastes. You might feel at your sexiest wearing something lacy and black, while your man might like you in racy red. Approach the topic one night as you get undressed and see if you can’t find some common ground.

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