Green, petite caravan to shake up motorhome market?

Green, petite caravan to shake up motorhome market?

Feb 10
Green, petite caravan to shake up motorhome market?

Everyone has designs on a holiday in the UK in order to save money and explore what’s on their doorstep, and now there may be no greater opportunity to dictate exactly what you want from a vacation in the English countryside. That’s because Camp-Runner Europe may have designed a great caravan option that certainly puts a new spin on motorhome holidays, making them cooler than ever.

The Splash is an eco-friendly mini-caravan and is deceptively large, despite being small and unassuming on the outside. The sleek and attractive caravan is designed by Camp-Runner CEO Rani Levy, who wanted to ensure that the small offering could transform the way people see micro-caravans and camping following a large amount of scrutiny for the means of sleeping and living – and for a much cheaper price among Simple Caravan Insurance insurance customers.

The organisation claimed that old-school teardrop trailers of yesteryear were key influencers over the design, though “serious improvements” had also been made to enhance the style and give a major aura of new, modern and efficient transportation.

At just £4,000, it could also be the perfect aerodynamic design that weighs as little as just 240kg including electrical fixings, a nicely-sized mattress for two, as well as windows. There is also a surprising amount of storage space, as well as a rack for bikes and a cooler.

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