House swap holidays: share and save

House swap holidays: share and save

Apr 12
House swap holidays: share and save

If you have the desire to explore somewhere new but money is tight, why not consider a house swap. You could get a holiday with free accommodation and a house sitter for your own home, all in one! Also, if you enjoy the experience of making someone’s stay special, you could consider renting out your property as a holiday home. It could be a great way to earn cash if you own another residence, or if you have somewhere to holiday yourself.

House swapping: how it works

First of all you will need to find someone who has a property in a place you would like to visit, and who likes your location, too. Creating an online advertisement could be a good move, unless you can track down a likely candidate though networking. Mention the idea to as many acquaintances as possible; you never know who might have a friend in Spain!

Once you have found a great location and a like-minded house swapper, organise the dates. It is most straight forward to travel on the same dates, so you arrive at the swapper’s house on the same day as he or she arrives at yours. It makes for a more comfortable transition than if you were there to run through the rules.

That brings us to one of the most important parts of the house swap. To avoid any confusion about what is and is not included in your exchange, be clear from the outset. Communicate with your fellow swapper so you are both providing similar things. For example, it is courteous to leave essentials like milk and bread for your guest, but you may want to let them help themselves to your food, shower gel and similar items, in return for you being able to do the same.

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