How to create more space without breaking the bank

How to create more space without breaking the bank

Oct 19
How to create more space without breaking the bank

With the New Year looming on the horizon, the pressure is on to plan the next lot of home improvements. However, with spare cash alluding most of us, any possible improvements are completely dependent on whether we can afford to do them or not.

The main problem most of us have with our homes is that we do not have enough space, so if you follow our handy tip below, you should be able to create more space within your home without breaking the bank.

Many of us who live in older properties look longingly at the open-plan living and dining areas of newer homes, but discount incorporating this look into our own living space because of the feared costs of having such work done. Luckily for you, it is possible to achieve this look without the huge expense. If you have two rooms separated by a set of double doors, simply swap the usual door for a sliding one, and you have effectively doubled your living space. Obviously, this is much cheaper than knocking down walls and moving kitchens, so it should fit the bill. Complete the look with some modern looking door furniture from a company such as Ironmongery Direct.

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