Interior designer Kelly Hoppen shares 2012 trend projections

Interior designer Kelly Hoppen shares 2012 trend projections

Jan 25
Interior designer Kelly Hoppen shares 2012 trend projections

Kelly Hoppen, the multi-award-winning designer, has shared her predictions for 2012 home décor trends. She anticipates a move away from modern minimalism towards a fusion of home styles, as people are seeking more comfort at home in the continuing difficult times.

Hoppen expects textures to remain an important focus as people place emphasis on comfort. Hungarian and Swedish linens mixed with silk and velvet will make wonderfully textured cushions and bedding. Walls and fabrics are sure to see Paisley, Brocade and Ikat designs return. Pastel pinks, muted greys and natural greens will be the shades of the coming seasons.

Window dressings heavily influence the overall appearance of a room. Hoppen predicts that slatted blinds will be a must, putting the finishing touch on the window and completing the theme for any room. With an abundance of styles and colours to choose between, view the range from Direct Blinds.

Antique wooden furniture finished with glossy lacquer and shiny metal or glass pieces are expected to be ‘must have’ items for 2012. Contrasting textures throughout a room add the warmth and comfort that Hoppen focuses her predictions on.

Acquiring reclaimed furniture and antique pieces will also continue to increase in popularity as the revolution against cheap, flimsy furniture strengthens. Restored items can be used as a room feature, adding a unique quality and establishing a comfortable environment.

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