Laser eye surgery: After surgery tips

Laser eye surgery: After surgery tips

Sep 25
Laser eye surgery: After surgery tips

Many people opt to undergo laser eye surgery to make long term savings on buying glasses and contact lenses. That said, the surgery itself still represents a serious financial commitment. With this in mind it’s incredibly important to take as much care of your eyes as you can in the aftermath of surgery to protect the well being of your eyes.

Many specialist clinics such as Ultralase IE  offer free aftercare treatment and advice, but whether you opt for a company who offers this or not, it is sensible to take as many steps as possible to help ensure the health of your eyes.

In the 48 hours after surgery you should avoid drinking alcohol. Moving on from this you will need to limit your contact with water over the next two months by avoiding swimming and hot tubs. Women should also try not to use makeup over the first week. Next, you should avoid all contact sports such as football, netball and rugby for at least the first month after being released from the clinic.

To help protect against infection it is likely your doctor will prescribe eye drops, these should be taken as directed. For more information on how you can save money in your everyday life, see: There are a number of activities you should refrain from for the first few days and weeks after your LASIK surgery. For example, you should avoid drinking alcohol for the first 48 hours following your surgery. If you’re active in any contact sports like football or basketball, you should refrain from participating for at least a month following your surgery. You should also avoid swimming or using a hot tub for two months after your surgery. If you wear makeup, you should refrain from using it for about a week following your surgery as well. These steps should all assist in preventing you incurring further expense.

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