LED TV’s could save you a fortune

LED TV’s could save you a fortune

Oct 05
LED TV’s could save you a fortune

One of the biggest wastes of energy for many of us within the home is the television. Whether left on in a room with nobody watching, or being kept on standby at all times, the upkeep of a television can be a huge drain on the finances.

Still, even with the digital switchover, many people in the UK still have an old CRT style TV that is as deep as it is wide and eat up electricity by the bucket load. Therefore the most sensible way to ready yourself for the digital switchover, receive the latest technology and save money on your energy bills is to replace your old CRT TV with a new LED version. The Guardian have reported that the switch to this new technology has seen an 60 per cent drop in energy consumption through TV usage since 2006, so if you aren’t on board, you really need to be.

One great option we found to achieve all of the goals above is the LG 32LS3500 set. At 32″, this is the perfect size for most users, and is energy efficiency class A to boot so it will cost you pennies to run.

So to conclude, if you are committed to saving money on your electricity bills, we recommend upgrading to a new LED TV, and being vigilant with turning it off when leaving the room and not leaving it on standby!

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