Lighten up your workwear to save

Lighten up your workwear to save

Jul 18
Lighten up your workwear to save

When you work in an environment where you are expected to be smart and professional-looking at all times, it can be easy to slip into the world of boring black dresses and stuffy suits, but these pieces could leave you lacking fashion personality. Also, constant changes to your climate, for example going out to meetings, grabbing a coffee or hanging around in a stuffy kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil can all leave you feeling less than comfortable in a thick, strict ensemble.

When it comes to the financial side of fashion, heavy tailoring and serious cuts can set you back a fortune, while lighter, fresher options are less expensive and much more versatile. If you check out the sales online, such as the one here from Pure Collection, you can make savings on lighter but still smart options, while a good-quality brand ensures the fit and fabric are good enough for even the most discerning workplaces.

When it comes to shirts, consider a linen option to allow your skin to breathe. Linen is not as difficult to care for as you may expect, and with a looser fit, not only will you feel fresher, you could save money on having your shirt professionally fitted to your body. Also, slight weight fluctuation needn’t mean spending out on a new shirt.



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