Lost laptop? Act fast and protect yourself

Lost laptop? Act fast and protect yourself

Sep 20
Lost laptop? Act fast and protect yourself

Over the course of their lifetime, many people will lose something very important to them. A laptop or notebook can be one of these things. While a number of them will replace their computer in a quick and easy visit to Misco, taking advantage of great deals on high-end electronics, some will forget to do something even more important: changing passwords online.

This is due to the fact that thousands of people will store passwords on their laptop without giving it a second thought. While most think that internet protection suites like Norton Antivirus will be the only thing needed to keep hold of financial and identity details when using the computer, many overlook how getting hold of the computer itself will override this protection completely, as the software is solely outward-facing and unable to protect things stored directly on the hard drive.

It is especially important given that people have accounts on Amazon, Play.com, Facebook, Twitter and a number of other online shopping outlets and social media sites. Controlling a huge amount of personal details that criminals can use, if the laptop itself is not password-protected, these can be used instantly by whoever ends up with your computer.

The first thing you must do is get online and change everything you can. Logins, including ones on email accounts, need to be altered. Rewrite security questions, too after all, if a minimal number of personal pieces of information are taken, they could use the back door to change your password and lock you out of accounts forever.

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