Men: How to look flash with less cash

Men: How to look flash with less cash

Apr 30
Men: How to look flash with less cash

We’ve all seen them; men who look like they could have blown their nose on a fifty pound note this morning and not thought twice about it. The kind of man you don’t need to see get into his top of the range car to just know he’s got one. And while attitude has a lot to do with it, let’s face it; it’s mostly about the clothes.

This breed of bloke can be termed the ‘rich aura man’. He always looks well groomed and, above all, cool. This could be you. And you don’t need to spend a fortune.

First off, think about expensive-looking colours. You want to look on-trend but not as though you are bound by the shackles of what society says you should wear (yes, the rich aura man is a bit of a rebel too). While dressing all in black can be striking, it can also make you look like you are trying to be A, John Travolta in Greece, B, a biker, or in the worst case scenario C, a mime artist. So best to wear a couple of colours to prevent the all-in-one/leotard look.

Light cameo coloured jeans are a more interesting, and more expensive-looking choice to the traditional blue jean. Worn with a fitted white t-shirt – not skin tight but not of proportions to rival a tent – the neutral jean brings a fresh, almost holiday inspired look to a man. Now for the key to looking sharp and successful on a budget: choose a pair of jeans that are well made, thick and that carry a prestigious brand. People check out that little brown leather label on the back of your jeans, and you don’t want yours to let you down.

So you’re prepared to spend a little more on your essential pair of jeans, good call. You’ll get so much use out of them that cost per wear will be miniscule, as they’ll last for ages. But looking this effortlessly upmarket on your lower half sets you free to buy plain t-shirts from the cheapest place you can find. Consider multipacks as they sometimes work out really well. If you buy an unbranded pair of sunglasses no-one will be able to tell how much they’re worth, so your savvy secrets will be safe and you’ll look like you’re preparing for your next luxury business-class trip to Richville.

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