Mixing and matching clothes: top tips

Mixing and matching clothes: top tips

Sep 22
Mixing and matching clothes: top tips

When you head over to Jacamo to invest in a few items for your new wardrobe, you may want to steer clear of more complicated multi-coloured pieces of clothing. You see, with a little bit of forethought, you could instead be investing in useful t-shirts, trousers and cardigans that can be mixed and matched to give you more options from fewer items in your wardrobe.

The secret to dressing well on a budget, according to resources such as Beauty and Lace Magazine, is to have a small number of mix and match clothes in a wardrobe. By co-ordinating colours, fabrics, shapes and styles, you can engineer a situation where all pieces are interchangeable that is created for you, by you.

You may only truly need as few as five pieces for your top half to customise, though having more than twenty items of clothing could make it a little bit complex. So long as each piece is designed to fit into your life and meet personal requirements, you’re onto a winner. This so-called capsule wardrobe is usually only limited to two principle colours, and they should ideally stand on its own or simply mix and match with the other hue. Choosing your favourite basic colour, plus another shade from your palette that you enjoy, you can create a fantastic collection of pieces that will never let you down.

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