Money saving tips for the accessory lover

Money saving tips for the accessory lover

Aug 03
Money saving tips for the accessory lover

If you love glamming up your outfits with the addition of beautiful and unique accessories, you’ll know about the benefits of these little extras. You can transform a dress or top you wore for one occasion into a whole new look, ready for the next. You can take an item from casual to dressed up with the clip of a sparkly belt or the jingle of some dangly earrings. By creating this versatility, you will save yourself a fortune; accessories are in general a lot cheaper to buy than clothes.

But there is an important issue to keep in mind as you hunt down those perfect pieces to jazz your outfits: colour.

Try to pick colours that match a good portion of your wardrobe. While a neon green scarf may be just what you need to jazz up that little black dress, it may not take you much further. This is especially important with more expensive accessories such shoes and glasses. While bright shoes can look stunning, pick a colour that is more timeless rather than one that meets the latest fashion fad. Reds or royal blues should see you get much more wear than patterned and printed options. When it comes to your specs, the same rules apply. Try and avoid spur of the moment purchases that could have you regretting splashing the cash in a few weeks’ time. The best bet is to go for monochrome – black is always a winner and white delivers a stylish punch without clashing with any outfit. If you don’t want to worry about the hassle and expense of matching your frames to your outfit, consider a more permanent solution to your vision problems.



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