Save money while giving kids independence

Save money while giving kids independence

Jun 13
Save money while giving kids independence

When your kids have reached that age where they want more independence by can’t afford to move out, the financial burden has the potential to fall onto your shoulders. After all, you’re likely to be just as glad of the extra space as they are!

However, few of us could afford to buy our kids their own home, and paying even a portion of your kids’ rent for them could be a monthly burden you would struggle to bear.

There are ways of giving your children a bit more independence without causing you an indefinite monthly strain on your finances.

If you have been considering buying a caravan to use for holidays but haven’t been able to justify it sitting unused on your drive for a large part of the year, this could be the perfect, financially smart reason to invest. Let your child take over use of the caravan and you will have the extra space you want, they will get the sense of independence they crave, and when it comes to holidaying, you’ll have ready-made accommodation for your chosen location, and you can simply send your child off to stay with friends or family; an option they are likely to prefer to joining the family holiday anyway!

Your child won’t need to make any drastic changes to the interior of your caravan to make it feel like theirs; just a few posters, some bright bedclothes, and their own belongings will soon get the place feeling like their own little house. Just make sure you have all the correct insurance to protect the caravan and belongings, and then when it’s your turn to reclaim the vehicle, you’ll have no trouble turning it back in to your perfect place to stay.


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