Saving money as a London student

Saving money as a London student

Nov 14
Saving money as a London student

Living in London is expensive. Most people are aware of this fact, but it can be a culture shock for students moving there from other areas of the country – as these first-hand testimonies prove. Those who are aware of the higher prices commanded in the capital may be thinking twice about choosing a university in the capital.

But what if your ideal course is offered by a university such as Middlesex? Do you go for a cheaper option? Finding the right degree course is hard enough without finding your options restricted.

However, there are many ways to save money as a student with the right planning, so if you learn a few basic budgeting skills you could find than learning in London is not beyond your means after all.

The most comprehensive guide I’ve found on saving money as a student has been produced by This guide contains 50 points, each capable of improving your finances or reducing your outgoings. Students are urged to do their research about what extra grants are available, avoid council tax by always living with other students and shop around for the best deals on student accounts – benefits such as a free young Person’s Railcard far outweigh £50 cashback.

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