Saving money on your insurance

Saving money on your insurance

Oct 25
Saving money on your insurance

Paying for insurance is a necessary chore – it’s a legal requirement for cars and buildings cover is required to obtain a mortgage, but contents policies, insurance specifically for caravans and mobile phone cover are among the array of extra policies that provide us with valuable peace of mind.

However, just because you need and want insurance, it doesn’t mean you can’t do things to make the premiums more bearable. With any insurance policy, you should always shop around for the best deals (those who don’t are losing out significantly). While this may involve using price comparison sites, do go direct to some of the providers with the more promising offers – you may get better rates by cutting out the middleman.

Then look at how you can make your home/car/caravan safer, and less of a target for thieves. Vehicles should be housed off the street where possible, and secured with industry-standard locks. Properties should have all entry points secured and alarms fitted – remember that it’s about proving to your insurer that your home/car/motorcycle/caravan is as secure as possible; this is how you get your premiums reduced. Tips for reducing car insurance premiums are here, for homes they are here.

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