Short men: the lowdown on dressing

Short men: the lowdown on dressing

May 24
Short men: the lowdown on dressing

If you’re a short man, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit well and work to put you back into proportion. The clothes you see on the high street may be in styles you like but may do nothing for you, or else they’d require you to have them taken up, which is an added expense and inconvenience that you could surely do without.

The answer to these problems could be waiting for you online. Websites such as Jacamo offer clothes in a wide range of sizes and lengths, and the net always provides you with better access to styles and trends, so you may be more likely to find what you’re after much quicker than you would on the high street. The selection of jeans here is a good place to start. Also, by choosing the right size in the first place you’ll cut out a potentially expensive trip to a seamstress, or, if you’re a bit lazier, it’ll save you walking around with jeans that are all bunched up around your ankles.

So now you know how to sort the issue of getting the right fit, which styles should you go for to fix the body shape you’ve got?

If your legs are short in comparison to your torso, balance yourself out with T-shirts and shirts that end on your hips, and jeans and trousers with a waistband that sits just above that. This will elongate your legs. If your upper body is short, wear tops that end lower down, and don’t be afraid of low-slung jeans – just don’t take it so far that your underwear is on show! For more hints and tips on dressing for your shape, check out this article.

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