Super savers’ style savers

Super savers’ style savers

Apr 18
Super savers’ style savers

Even if you are the world’s best super-saver when it comes to making creative meals from leftovers or car sharing to avoid excessive petrol costs, you may be missing a trick. Being savings savvy needn’t mean looking shabby! If you make a few smart moves, you can care for your body and your style without damaging your purse.

First of all, think about your eyewear. Do your glasses cost you a fortune every time you drop them, sit on them, or simply decide you don’t like their style? If you want to stop spending out on glasses or contacts, having laser eye surgery could be the right move for you. If you need a very high prescription, click here.

We all know the importance of eating plenty of fruit and veg for a healthy body, but if you want to save money on your beauty regime, listen up! Anti-aging lotions and potions can only do so much. So why spend a fortune on ‘rehydrating’ this and ‘softening’ that when you could drink your way to a more youthful complexion? Water is a great skin-plumper, while green tea is full of antioxidants so can pack an even more effective punch when it comes to fighting off the years.

Finally, take a look into your wardrobe. Could you re-vamp any existing items to give them a new lease of life? For example, a plain white top could be brought up to the minute with some neon dye, or a plain pair of shoes could become the perfect wedding-guest outfit maker with the simple addition of a few carefully places diamantes.



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