Take control of spending splurges

Take control of spending splurges

Apr 13
Take control of spending splurges

In this world of borrowing money and spending beyond our means, it is often difficult not to give in to the things we covet. But debts are scary and there’s nothing glamorous about not knowing how you are to afford next month’s rent, even if you are surrounded by the latest fashions.

The key, therefore, is to learn how to budget your money. But how can you muster the determination to do so if the offer of seemingly “free” money is always present?

If you set up a bank account that doesn’t have an overdraft facility, you are forced to face up to the realities of your financial situation. This in itself may sound terrifying, but it can in fact be one of the most empowering choices you could make. You will be able to look at what you have and decide, with a firm grasp of the consequences, whether you can really afford that night on the town or those new shoes.

By managing your money in this way, you could feel more in control of your life. You may need to adjust your social life to curb your spending, which could see you being more imaginative with your free time. Taking up a hobby could help you meet more people, while simply suggesting different, less expensive things to do with your existing friends could get you out of a rut.


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