The money guru’s guide to looking good

The money guru’s guide to looking good

Oct 03
The money guru’s guide to looking good

We all want to look our best, and there are plenty of procedures, treatments and potions to help us do so, but what if your cash flow doesn’t match your enthusiasm to look good?

Get better skin

There are treatments out there that can to remove dull skin cells and reveal fresh skin pretty quickly, but while Microdermabrasion or a skin peel is effective, it can be very costly. Why not consider using an exfoliator was each day instead, to save yourself a lot of cash? Be sure to choose one with spherical beads, not jagged particles which leave microscopic tears in the skin.

Get a better body

We all want smooth, more toned skin, but spa wraps which promise these things can be fairly expensive.  Just use a body brush each day before your shower, than a good quality moisturiser after to boost your circulation and get your skin looking better in no time at all.

Better teeth

We all know the importance of regular dentist visits, but what if you want your teeth to be a particularly eye-catching part of your look? Getting your teeth professionally whitened may be an appealing option, but it can really set you back in the funds department. However, whitening toothpaste can deliver fab results, so are definitely worth a go.  For a range of whitening pastes, visit an online pharmacy such as LloydsPharmacy – by clicking here – and take your pick from sensitive to enamel care to foaming, for a celeb-worthy smile without the celeb pay packet.


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