Tourism ‘will get a boost’ from panda drop-off in Edinburgh

Tourism ‘will get a boost’ from panda drop-off in Edinburgh

Dec 13
Tourism ‘will get a boost’ from panda drop-off in Edinburgh

The management at Edinburgh Zoo were in an unsurprisingly celebrative mood after two giant pandas were shipped to the Scottish capital from China. Tian Tian and Yang Guang landed at Edinburgh Airport on December 4th on a specially-chartered non-stop flight on the specially-named Panda Express, a FedEx chartered plane.

The eight-year-old pair have been brought in to breed and will become the first pandas to live in the UK for almost 20 years. They will have Edinburgh Zoo as their home for the next ten years – undoubtedly giving tourism masters students ( plenty to consider in regards to the economy north of the border.

Tian Tian means “sweetie” in Chinese, while Yang Guang means “sunlight”. The pair travelled from China on the Boeing 777F along with a vet and two animal handlers; a further four pilots with lots of experience of transporting rare species such as white rhinos and penguins were also on the flight.

An in-flight meal of bamboo, carrots, apples and so-called “panda cake” was served to the furry friends, before they landed. They were greeted from the aircraft by bagpipes and cheers. It is not known whether or not the sound of the traditional Scottish instruments served to entertain, or scare, the precious cargo.

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