When taking pets abroad, you need to spend to save

When taking pets abroad, you need to spend to save

Oct 26
When taking pets abroad, you need to spend to save

For many of us, the thought of spending a week away from our much loved pet is too much to bear. Coupled with the fact that the cost of keeping a dog in kennels or a cat in a cattery for a week is so extortionate, and the little extra effort of taking them away on holiday with you seems worth it for both your heart and your wallet.

The one major potential financial downfall of all this is if your beloved Fido or Roxy has an accident or becomes ill while you are away. If you are abroad, treatment in an overseas vet is incredibly expensive, and will completely ruin your holiday. Therefore the best plan of action is to insure your pet before you leave. This way, should the worst happen and your pet finds itself in some sort of medical difficulty, you will be able to get help immediately, safe in the knowledge you have only spent a tiny amount of money compared to how much you would spend on vet bills normally.

So in the pre-holiday excitement, getting pet insurance may not be at the top of your priorities. However, if the time does come where you are trying to remember the Spanish for ‘Fido has glass in his paw’, you will be glad you took the time to do it.

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