You and your mates: the key to fitness success

You and your mates: the key to fitness success

Jun 22
You and your mates: the key to fitness success

When you want to beat the bulge, you have to be firm with yourself. No cakes, snacks, biscuits, take-aways…the list is almost endless. Often, it can be hard to go it alone and many people choose to sign up to a fitness boot camp to leave it up to someone else to push them towards their goal. While these intensive courses of exercise and carefully-monitored food have their place, if your wallet isn’t in a very healthy state, you may not want to scrape the last of your cash together to pay someone to shout at you.

As a more wallet-friendly option (in fact, it’s simply a friendlier option altogether!) why not ask around your mates and find the ones that want to sort their fitness levels out for the new season. That way, you can all form a training group in which you encourage – i.e. bully – each other into meeting your fitness targets! Here are some tip tips:

Inspire your active new habit by getting yourself a good pair of trainers along with the right kit for your chosen sports regime.

Get up early to make the most of the whole day. Also, being out and about early will mean you’ve got enough time to get over any qualms you have with exercising in public before it gets busy on the street.


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