Young drivers: lower your car insurance with these tips

Young drivers: lower your car insurance with these tips

Oct 06
Young drivers: lower your car insurance with these tips

Young drivers are saddled with higher insurance premiums, and in the eyes of providers, this is for good reason; they’re simply more likely to have accidents and make insurance claims than their older counterparts. Road safety charity Brake backs this up, as it understands that one in four drivers killed on the roads is under 25.

Car insurance for young drivers is always going to be more expensive, but there are a number of ways you can lower your premiums. Simply switching to a different provider such as Staveley Head may be enough, though it may be worth considering a number of other ways to look at insurance, particularly if you’re currently a learner driver.

By doing a Pass Plus course, new drivers will gain extra experience on the roads and be given access to better-value car insurance. The course must be taken within a year of passing a driving test and will ultimately show a young driver how to deal with difficult conditions like bad weather, dazzling headlights and motorways.

Of course, people can simply buy a low-risk car. Young drivers will pay significantly less for their insurance if they go for a car with a small engine; superminis are seen as low-risk for this cost because of a variety of factors, particularly safety, handling and cost.

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